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When your final choice is carpet

Narrowing down the flooring field to one single floor covering can be a tough call to make for any homeowner, but carpet flooring might just make that decision a little easier. In fact, once you find out everything you might not otherwise have known, it might become easier still. As the only available soft surface floor covering, it holds its own in its niche. But the remaining benefits and characteristics only add to its overall appeal as a dream floor covering.

Carpets of America has a showroom located in North Logan, Utah, and serves the surrounding areas of North Logan, Cache County, Box Elder County, and Rich County, UT, and Franklin County, ID. We offer a nice selection of floor coverings for you to choose from, and we’ll help you every step of the way. We’ll get to know you, your needs and preferences, and walk you through the entire process, so you’re up to date throughout the entire project. Be sure to stop in so you can get your flooring project started today.

Carpet for the win

Soft surface flooring is highly coveted for the soft underfoot feel it brings to your home. Along with it, you’ll find an inviting atmosphere that really turns a house into a home. With many varieties of fibers to choose from, and even combinations in one flooring, you can choose whatever feel you like, so long as it suits your traffic needs. Extremely active homes will necessitate a fiber that is more durable, while less traveled areas can be floored with something a little different.
Luxury carpet in North Logan, UT from Carpets of America
Heat retention is another notable benefit you’ll receive when carpet is installed in your home. As an extra layer of insulation, it works to keep heat inside your home longer, which means your furnace will run less. What it really means is that you’ll have savings to put in your pocket by the end of the cold season, and never have been uncomfortable while saving it up.

Carpet is easily one of the safest floor coverings for families who have small children, elderly persons, or both in the home. Both of them often deal with mobility issues where falls can happen. This flooring works first to cut down on the number of falls that happen, as it provides a more stable surface for mobility helps. On the other hand, if a fall does manage to happen, the chances for severe injury are drastically reduced.